Crawfords Natural Blend Painters Putty Quart



  • Contains a quality blend of refined linseed oils – nature’s renewable resource
  • Allows for patching or repair
  • Can be sanded and can be painted
  • Product dries with a white color
  • Contains 100% non-toxic water and dry ground calcium carbonates
  • Water, not chemically, preserved for in-can protection and extended shelf life
  • Low to 0 odor
  • Contains no white lead, asbestos, asbestos-like fibers, added silica or harsh chemical preservatives
  • Time to dry takes up to 60 hours depending on environment



Natural blend. Can be applied to new or old wood, inside or out. Contains no added white lead, asbestos, asbestos-like fibers, silica or harsh chemical preservatives. Packed in water to retain freshness. Ready to use. Interior/exterior use.