A-P Yellow Stripe Acrylic





  • Covered end paints corners. For flat & low sheen paints and primers. Ultralow splatter. More paint rolled per dip. Easy cleanup. Ultralong life.
  • For smoother lint-free results with all paints, use a woven roller fabric?especially with higher-sheen coatings. For greater pickup and release (faster application), try a knitted fabric when using flats or eggshell paints. A specialty cover would be high production covers or covers designed for specific products or surfaces. Choosing the right Nap: Generally, the smoother the surface the shorter the nap.

    3/16? or 1/4? nap: Untextured plaster, smooth wood, drywall, wallboard, metal
    – 3/8? or 1/2″ nap: Most walls and ceilings. Lightly textured drywall or wood paneling.
    3/4″ or 1? nap: Textured plaster or stucco. Siding, decks, concrete block.
    1 ?? or 1 ?? nap: Heavily textured plaster or stucco. Rough wood, brick or corrugated metal.